About Us • Our History

Whitby’s Apollo Players were formed in the late 1960’s initially as a dramatic society with the view to stage plays. Our first pantomime production was in 1971 and, with the exception of 1976, we have presented a pantomime every January since then at Whitby Pavilion Theatre.

Pantomime will always be the Apollo Players main forte but in the past the Players have staged plays, musical shows, variety and revue shows.

2018 saw the players present their 47th annual pantomime production at Whitby Pavilion Theatre.

In more recent years the society branched out from its pantomime roots and has presented special one night only shows on Broadway, at the Movies, a special Eurovision tribute  and Back to the 60's....all proving to be a  success and showcasing the society's talents beyond the pantomime stage.

Summer 2014 saw the society present a full length stage play version of Noddy.

In January 2019 the players will present Sinbad the Sailor and in January 2021 they were celebrate their 50th pantomime production!